Your sex doll’s odor is bad!

Your sex doll’s odor is bad!

This is a continuation of the “dice issue” that we discussed earlier. The problem is that the sex doll cannot take a bath on its own. They depend on their owners for love and support. What happens when these sex toys aren’t allowed to have their “help”? The same applies to anyone who refuses a month-long shower.

Sex is more fun with the big-ass doll

It doesn’t end there. You can also enjoy soft, silky, feminine skin due to silicone’s inherent oiliness inhibitor. A girl can also have a nipple gap in the larger-ass realistic sex doll. This is similar to the woman who has had repeated breast augmentations and has large, dynamite breasts. It will stimulate your penis with more pressure than vaginal pressure if you place it in a strong breast.

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