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You will enjoy the pleasure of sex with different materials

To prevent any injury during sex, the skeletal bones supporting the toy are fully filled and fragile. huge tits sex doll have been thoroughly tested over many years to ensure that they are safe. Due to the flat chest shape, it is not recommended that you lift large toys on your back. This could cause back problems.

A male sex doll can be used in the bedroom to give you lifelike feelings, just like a woman. Silicone and TPE materials bring out the warmth and excellence that you’ve always desired, allowing you to realize your dreams. TPE is not sufficient when it comes technology integration to enhance your experience.

TPE, on the other hand is more flexible and soft than silicone. This allows you to enjoy the sensual view of your breasts and buttocks while sexing.

 There is no danger of STDs and pregnancy. Because STDs cannot be transmitted from one person to the next, it is highly unlikely that you will get the disease without having contact with another person. If you touch someone else, they cannot pass your disease to you. Even if you don’t have a partner you can still avoid getting herpes and other diseases-causing bacteria. Avoid these situations by washing your hands after you touch your genitals if cold sores appear.

Silicone is still the king. The curvy sex dolls has no smell and is much more durable than TPE. It’s also heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, sun-resistant, and resistant to scratches. TPE’s dearest cousin, the TPE, has a shorter lifespan and is healthier. Your silicone doll requires less maintenance. Sometimes the silicone love doll can poke holes in the TPE and it will soften at the end.

Modernity dolls that are more customizable tend to be more expensive. During the order period for most dolls, you can select their body shape, skin color and eye color. You can even get detailed information about tattoos and pubic hair.

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