You can use the sex doll to help you in some way

You can use the sex doll to help you in some way

Couples will try out a threesome at one point in their relationship. You can avoid the emotional risk of having to deal with a real person by trying it with a doll. This is the perfect time to have more intimacy with your lesbian sex dolls.

It is similar to the little concubine of the imperial, but it is a bit more difficult. Make sure you are comfortable by laying your teen sex doll down. Push on the doll’s legs and lift it off her back. To help balance, extend her arms back and support her. To help you do this, try a reverse cowgirl pose. Pull your legs back and support yourself with your hands.

This area is great for anal sex, shallow penetration, and some women claim it hits their G spot. Spread your mini sex doll‘ legs out and bend her knees slightly, once she is seated on the bed or floor. This is it! Your position should be such that your knees are bent and your chest is against your legs. Use your hands if you need extra support.

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