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You can infer the reason a person bought a sex doll

This question of sex is again tied to gender. Although it may seem difficult to discern why someone buys a doll of sex, this phenomenon is like an haha mirror. It reflects the ugly side of men and women’s relationships, but also highlights the problems we don’t want to face. The owner can design these realistic sex toys objects to reflect their personality. This phenomenon always reflects a social attitude.

When I think back to my conversation with David Cat last summer, I am annoyed that he said, “As far I know, 98% users and groups regard them as goddesses.” While I recognize that men often hate women, more men are single to fulfill the needs of women. The Japanese sex dolls won’t have any of those undesirable qualities so they will not lie to you.

Inflatable doll enthusiasts often complain that women are difficult to comprehend, but these sex toys are easy to understand. These sex dolls won’t let you go for a single day. They will be loyal forever. accompany. The inventor of the male masturbation article was granted a patent in 1995. This patent covered “female models of sex”, with the intent of placing an “oil” inside a TPE doll model for female sex. Elastomer box.

Smith quoted the following passage as Smith’s. “The reason why such things were invented is precisely because women can be ruthless, worshipful, and superficial. This is to humiliate and humiliate men’s sincerity. They are opposed to huge tits sex doll. They are loyal and obeyible. They are friendly and affectionate.

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