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You can customize your fantasy sex doll according to your requirements

Inflatable dolls are typically made from vinyl. Real sex dolls are made out of silicone. The dolls are made of silicone, which is why the quality is different and the surface is smooth. Silicone dolls are very similar to women’s sex toys. The silicone doll looks both exciting and sexy visually.

 We may feel like we are a trio if I have a complete perfect sex doll. Let’s see if it works. You will feel confident about her unconsciously. You might also find her interesting.

The silicone sex doll is also available with various accessories and costumes to suit your fantasy and needs. Because the silicone doll has a metal frame, it can be moved and used in different positions (sitting, kneeling, etc.). For healthcare applications, robot assistants can offer training and rehabilitation programs to support independent living.

They are typically 5+ feet tall, weigh 65+ pounds, and bent dolls can up to 120 pounds. Although they can be removed, it is important to have somewhere to store your love dolls for men before you buy. URDolls sells lockable suitcases to store its dolls. These suitcases are made of foam with handles and wheels that make them easy to transport. The suitcase looks similar to a large suitcase. It can hold anything from golf clubs to musical instrument. They are discreet. Ask us about them.

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