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 Why would anyone want sex dolls in this era of fast food?

The topic of real love sex dolls has become controversial in recent years. The reason is that well-known sex doll makers in the industry stated in an interview that their mini sex doll can look as real as real bodies and be even more beautiful than real people.

I won’t discuss their exaggerated technology for the moment. However, it has changed the interpersonal situation. Many people in this group said, “I like people but not people around!”

The article mentions that these sex toys are used by collectors of statues, crafts, and body art. The human facial features and limbs can be modeled slowly and accurately. These customers can then copy the model and sell it to a large number.

Are these sex toys really any better than human beings? Pete Cannara is director of New York Psychological Services Center. Pete explained that dolls are different than real people because they have no interpersonal or emotional feedback. Real sex dolls can be used to express feelings. The attachment to inanimate objects is similar, but it’s only limited by your imagination. He stressed the importance of intimacy and sex for humans. He stated that sex and relationships were second in importance to basic needs such as eating, drinking and breathing.

While some will argue that it is better to have a connection with someone who can think and speak your language, there are many psychological reasons why people like certain things. These include lack of interpersonal communication and shyness, social anxiety, lacks of Social Experience and consciousness, and being hit by a partner.

Intimacy is an essential part of a person’s daily life. Social isolation can have devastating effects on one’s mental and bodily health as they age. Sex dolls can be a great option for those without a partner. The doll is suitable for people who have lost a partner through death, divorce, or separation, as well as those with disabilities.

It is possible to express yourself and feel accompanied by people. This can help alleviate loneliness. Humans are complex creatures, and art is no exception. Although it seems impossible to understand the human condition fully, the beauty of the human body slowly becomes apparent.

Many people think that sex doll can cause human beings to withdraw from social interaction and become isolated from society. It is not possible, but it is now possible. With the advancement of the industry, more people can interact with real AI entity dolls. Eventually, many issues may become more complex.

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