Why not massage your dolls with oil and powder?

Why not massage your love doll with oil and powder?

To make the doll silky, I washed it several times, first removing all dirt from the factory. Then, I sprinkled cornstarch lightly on it.

Do not scrub your baby with baby oil for more than a month. Then, repeat the process every 3-4 months. It is still in great condition after 2 years. It is soft and supple as it was the day it arrived.

1. Oiling sex dolls is necessary to get rid of any residue from the factory. My limited knowledge suggests that oiling sex dolls on the first day can cause stains. I can’t recall all details. Jenny was a big oil-and-cleaner girl when I had her. Then she went to powder. Oiling your doll should be done every three to four months and not every week. Too much oil can cause the TPE to become too soft, and even cause tears. To remove dirt and grime, wash it once per week with a sponge bath. Some teen sex doll shouldn’t be oily, so make sure to read the instructions.

You can search the search box to find out more information from others who know it better than me.

2. I used to believe that oiling new sex dolls was unnecessary, but now my view has changed.

They don’t need to be oiled, but oil and credit card scraping can be used to remove dirt. The doll was dirty when it was first made. You will be amazed at how much dust falls from a tpe sex dolls.

Powder treatment can make TPE surfaces silky smooth and more realistic.

After the initial release, the powder was dusted every month. It was then deep cleaned, oiled, and dusted quarterly. Haha.

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