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Why choose sex dolls instead of prostitutes

I think I am qualified to answer this question, my friend and I spent money to choose a prostitute to solve physical problems when I was 20 years old, when I saw other friends using sex dolls I thought it was incredible, why should I take money to buy cheap sex dolls instead of choosing prostitutes, until I had the first doll in my life I did not understand .

Serving me felt more exciting than a dead, lifeless thing. But my friend told me that a prostitute only serves you and doesn’t necessarily belong to you, while a sex doll she only belongs to you. Then I tried it out and chose a flat chested sex doll, and she cost $1849, which cost me a month’s worth of prostitution.I was especially sad that I didn’t enjoy the royal treatment this month. Until I waited for my doll, she gave me a different feeling than a prostitute, her skin was smooth and delicate in every way, and the texture of her body was wonderfully elastic and internally very tight.

Later I was a little tired of having only one doll, just like I whoring I would have a lot of choices . I chose another mini sex doll, after her arrival I never went out to prostitutes, and now I have a very sexually active friend who was infected with the virus in the house of a prostitute, but I met with my doll friends, every week to exchange doll feelings and use tips, including the fact that I am now the group leader of the sex doll exchange group .

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