Why is it that more people are buying sexy dolls?

1. There is no risk of sperm theft

It is possible to commit sperm theft, but you may not be aware of it. Two scenarios can result in a woman becoming pregnant.

This is the first scenario, where a woman becomes pregnant after having conceived after what the man believed was a safe pregnancy. This happens when a woman tells her partner she is using the contraceptive pill but doesn’t.

Another scenario is when a woman takes a condom after having had sex. It’s possible to then use the condom to get pregnant. She may also use the contents of the condom to prove deception or support a paternity case for a child.

Sperm theft is a very serious offense.

There is no danger of semen theft when you own a shemale sex doll. After having sex, make sure to clean the doll. You can be sure that no one will ever take your semen.

2 – No quibbling

Men spending too much time with their boyfriends or playing video games is one of the reasons relationships end in failure. This is a topic that couples will have countless arguments about. Another reason men prefer to have sex with sex dolls is their ability to control their bodies.

Men know that women desire affection and love. Problem is, not all men can give it. A sex doll that doesn’t berate you or slaps you is for many men much more attractive than real ladies.

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