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Why doesn’t ALDOLL Silica dolls are a supporter of oral sexual relations?

It is likely that the silicone dolls do not have an oral sex feature if you are paying attention to the these dolls. What are the reasons why the factories produce the cheap sex doll made of silicone without oral function? Do you think it is difficult? These questions always confuse fans. The reason is clear when you read this post. Silicone is a substance with a lower odor than TPE.

The majority of the time, Silicone is harder than TPE, which is typically the case. The difference will be evident when you compare the sexual experience with a silicone dolls. In truth, the TPE mini sex doll is superior to the normal silicone doll for the sex aspect.

Certain factories have developed a type of soft silicone to repair the issue. When we think of oral sex’s purpose, why do we build the head with soft silicone? We’re aware that the head made of silicone will show more detail and have better cosmetics as TPE does. This is the reason why many people opt for silicone flat chested sex doll. The issue is that silicone can lose this advantage in the event that we use a soft silicone. The soft silicone is very difficult to replicate and displays the details. If the silicone’s appearance has the same appearance as TPE model’s design, who is going to pay more to get it?

Another reason that we do not make an oral sex is because it is very the possibility of damage. The silicone can’t be repaired in the event of damage. The cleft that is damaged will get more and more. The mouth has a unique design around the corners. It’s easily to tear. Nobody wants to look at the ugly tear-filled mouth.

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