Why do you dress up as your sexy doll?

Sex dolls aren’t made specifically for sex but this doesn’t mean that they need to wear a bare-faced outfit every day. The clothes you wear can contribute to the personality of your doll by giving it some style. Lingerie is a great way to create a mood in the bedroom. Casual clothes are perfect for non-sexual interactions at home, while formal clothing can be great for special events for you and your sexually active doll. Some individuals prefer dressing their sex dolls in costumes or if their doll is designed in the style of a favorite fictional character.

Wearing protective underwear for dolls

Why should protective underwear be worn?

Silicone sex dolls don’t generally require protective underwear however TPE dolls require protective underwear. A major issue discussed concerns in the petite sex doll world concerning clothing is the stains that can be seen on TPE caused by darker colours and more expensive clothes.

About the protective underwear worn by sexual dolls

TPE takes in oil, and it is an impervious substance. Therefore, stains will be inevitable in the absence of the protection of underwear over the top of TPE. your primary clothing.

Another advantage of underwear that is protective for big booty sex doll with sex made from silicone and TPE? It’s simpler to put on and remove the garments.

The types of protective underwear

The most popular type that is used to protect your underwear are nylon pants. Thigh-high nylon tights and full-body stockings also are well-liked, particularly the crotch-free stockings. But not all doll owners wear protective clothing including TPE dolls. Rock13 states that he uses champagne or peach-colored leotards. They’ve been altered so that they aren’t visible underneath his sex dolls’ regular clothing.

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