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Why Do Men Like Sex Dolls?

In Western society, we have a very pure concept of sex, and our concept of sex dolls is no exception. We consider them as shameful as if we did something wrong by having them. Most people who like sex dolls are male, so they say “we”, but they are not alone. Women also like sex dolls. But today we’re going to talk about the fun of a well-known male sex doll like Venus.

Despite the myths, men who like mini sex dolls are just as normal as men who don’t. Research shows that men who like sex dolls have the same level of life satisfaction as men who don’t. They were also less prone to depression and antisocial behavior than the non-sex dolls preferred by men.

Why do men like sex dolls?

Men like sex dolls for a variety of reasons, but three are the most common.

  1. Art Fun

For some men, enjoying sex dolls is more than just the fun of punching holes. Sex dolls are an art.

Before the sarcasm, take a look at the Venus statue in the art world. These statues are photographs created by the artist to introduce the ideal female goddess. We have stopped worshipping Venus and Aphrodite (most of the time), but still value the female figure. This appreciation is accomplished through a sex doll that fits perfectly with our favorite feminine qualities. Sex dolls also allow us to interact with the resulting art.

  1. iDollatry

Men who are very interested in sex dolls call themselves iDollators. For iDollators, sex dolls are more popular than real women, because real women can be hard. In the case of iDollators, sex dolls do not betray or demand them. She is neither noisy nor difficult to understand. That’s it. For many men, even those who prefer real women when they have time, these reasons remain. It could be a terrible split, a boring date, or just general frustration. Sex dolls are escape and liberation.

  1. Fantasies come true

All forms of escape are not due to negative experiences. Sometimes I enjoy fantasy just for my imagination. Sex dolls are a great way to explore fantasies that a human partner cannot or may not be aware of. These fantasies are as diverse as the men who have them. Sex dolls are ideal because they can be customized to fit your fantasies.

The imagination that men want isn’t the only reason sex dolls are more popular than real partners. Partners may not accept fantasies, spark discussion, or even feel embarrassed. Men who experience this or are warned by others who share their fantasies can avoid stress by choosing dolls instead of their human partners. Sex dolls aren’t just for all fantasies. She is also a non-judgmental partner.

  1. Couple Fantasy

Couples can also use sex dolls. Sometimes women can buy anime sex dolls. This way her man can enjoy his personal fantasies, especially when she doesn’t share his fantasies. It is also common to purchase sex dolls as a substitute if sexual intimacy cannot be enjoyed for health reasons. Love dolls like Meghan are so customizable, you can design them as close to your partner as possible.

Realistic sex dolls are also a way for couples to enjoy their threesome fantasy. Sex dolls can be ideal companions because couples don’t have to worry about jealousy or emotional entanglements. She’s also ideal if you’re having a hard time finding a third partner that fits your interests and goals in the relationship.

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