Why Choose a Silicone Doll?

Why Choose a Silicone Doll?

We have seen a growing number of manufacturers of sex doll exploring new materials in order to make it more accessible for sex-doll fans. Because silicone can solve many TPE problems that other TPE materials cannot, it has long been the preferred material for sex doll manufacturers.

However, TPE is more expensive than silicone sex dolls because of the higher cost of the materials. TPE dolls for sex can have a higher retail price than silicone dolls. This makes silicone dolls more expensive, so many buyers opt for TPE dolls as their initial dolls.

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What is the best way to define silicone?

It is well-known for its strength and ease of cleaning. This material has been used in sex toys for many years. The polymers of silicon carbon and hydrogen make this material feel and look very similar to human skin. The composition of the substance can affect the softness of silicone. Silicone dolls are heat-resistant and can be heated to enh

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