Why are sex dolls so expensive?

Why are sex dolls so expensive?

Let’s discuss the price of teen sex doll. Why is sex dolls not more affordable or cheaper? We will examine all the reasons that full-size sex toys cost approximately 1000 USD. We’ll also discuss what you can buy on a budget and a premium model.

A small-sized love doll can be purchased for less than $1000 and will make you happy. However, small sex dolls don’t last as long as a larger model and are more detailed. A sex doll that is less than 150cm tall won’t last more than one year, unless its owner is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the care and maintenance of a foot model, removable vagina and protective equipment for hands, legs and hands.

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What is considered a low-cost doll of love and what is a high-end one? A bbw sex doll that costs more than $3000 is considered premium sex doll. Anything below that can be classified as budget or mid-range. All-silicone dolls are the only ones that can be classified as premium sex dolls. Shipping is included. They are usually priced at $3128 and include extras such as standing feet or pubic hair.

These dolls are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. They also have the latest yoga skeleton technology and a quick connect head. The dolls come in top-quality packaging so that your doll arrives in perfect condition. They can also be used to transform your silicone doll into an sex robot by adding extra heaters or moans. This will make your doll the ultimate love machine.

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