Why are sex dolls “scary” to some individuals?

Why are sex dolls “scary” to some individuals?

That’s a wonderful question! I’m not attracted to dolls, lol, yet in no way do I find them “creepy”. Hollywood has made them terrifying. There was a TV film that appeared called TRILOGY OF HORROR. The movie starred the late Karen Black. The audience was deceived right into believing the doll was real. Scary! It was an author’s creative imagination.

Let’s ask ourselves: How many dolls have made lonesome kids pleased, because there were no siblings or siblings in the family? Maybe a youngster could “vent” to the love doll and talk with it. Undoubtedly the children snuggled and loved a doll, as they would a pet.

Yes, there was “Chucky”. A motion picture. That suffices claimed.

There was a film called MAGIC, with a very young Anthony Hopkins. His alter ego was his ventriloquist doll. No one hesitated of this small sex doll. It was Anthony Hopkins that was seriously disturbed by “bringing the doll to life”! Lol! Outstanding acting. I believe Ann Margaret remained in this film. Well worth seeing. Anthony Hopkins: Fantastic performer, however he was out of his mind in this movie. Lol.

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It’s an embarassment that it takes a track record to get a doll, a lot to ensure that a youngster may not want one. It’s sad, when you know it’s simply a toy, and that plaything could extremely well stand between a child as well as their isolation.

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