Why are sex dolls becoming more and more popular

1. No white knights

This expression is probably not well-known. This is a term that refers to someone who interferes in your relationship or catches their partner at crossroads. Picture a situation in which you and your partner are constantly at odds. The white knight could be a colleague at work or a friend. The white knight can also be a friend or colleague. Your partner will be able to listen to you and understand your feelings. Your partner will feel a strong emotional connection to the white knight because they believe they understand you.

A thick sex doll has another advantage: it will always be yours as long as you own it. She will never make a fuss about you. She won’t let a white knight come to her rescue.

2. You will always be the center of attention

A partner who is more focused than they are on them is one of the biggest negatives. This is most common when your partner is more focused on their phone than you. Doing something like this would make someone feel more valuable.

A sex doll has another interesting feature compared to real life. She will give you her complete attention. She won’t let you feel less important and will not be distracted.

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