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Who came up with sex dolls?

There is a widespread belief that the first real-life flat chest sex doll of sex were developed during the Nazi regime to meet the sexual desires of soldiers in the conflict, as women were taken away from wives. However, this was not the sole reason. According to popular opinion, Hitler wanted to keep his German army well-organized and Aryan bloodline pure. He tried to keep the German troops from engaging in sexual relations with European women, and even giving them the opportunity to become pregnant.

Although there could be some truth to this, the fact is Hitler wasn’t the only one who invented the realistic sexual dolls. They were developed by lonely and lustful Dutch sailors during the 17th century. Learn more about the real-life sex doll by reading the Wikipedia articles here. It is true that the initial dolls might not have been as modern however, they served the same function. The sailors needed female companions during their long sea journeys. A fascinating aspect is the fact that these women first began selling the dolls to Japan by calling them “Dutch wives”.

The most loved sex dolls were rubber dolls. The world transformed when the late Matt McMullen announced his desire to design the first sex doll. It was one with more realistic curves and significantly more human-like than other sex doll prior to it. He began developing models made of latex, with an internal skeleton. But, he was faced with an issue – how do create anatomically accurate mini sex doll? This is the question he concentrated on and eventually created an anatomically correct doll called known as the Real Doll. In the end, latex transformed into silicone.

Then, Matt thought it would be beneficial to use platinum cured silicone instead the conventional tin-cured silicone, which later, was adopted from the whole industry. Since when the japanese sex doll was invented in 1996 the whole industry grew, and a new culture of imitations was born. The dolls of today are a vast away from the early vinyl dolls, as they’re more real and lifelike than ever. As technology advances at an accelerating rate, the sex-doll industry is set to develop ever more realistic dolls, thus giving a more immersive experience.

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