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Which Material Is The Best TPE Or Silicone For True Love Dolls?

Today, luxury love dolls are making a huge impact on the lives of people all over the world. People accept and use them. It sounds weird, but the truth is that sex dolls are considered user-friendly.

As life-size lover doll sales have exploded in recent years, retailers and manufacturers around the world are well-suited to creating the perfect life-size luxury sex doll material to replace the actual shape of an actual lover doll. It’s hard to find materials and designs for sex dolls. Find the material you need to reflect human emotions.

After a lot of theory and experimentation, the manufacturer has finally designed two of the best materials, silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), that can create an exact replica of a real partner in the form of a true love doll.

The question for most businesses and manufacturers today is knowing which of these two materials is better for making a life-size RealDoll. Silicone sex dolls have the following advantages:

  1. It represents the perfect reproduction of a woman in real life.
  2. Silicone gives luxurious lover doll’s skin a long-lasting and realistic texture
  3. Since it is basically a non-reactive material, the possibility of harming people with silicone sex dolls is quite negative.
  4. The skin texture is realistic, and the silicone life-size love doll provides users with a realistic touch experience. 5. Other love dolls Photographers usually use high quality silicone dolls
    As models for various photos as they are heavier than the real thing. 6. These silicone sex dolls are easy to clean and maintain.

Since they are not allergic, they have a lower risk of developing a rash or infection. In recent years, TPE or thermoplastic elastomers have become an alternative to silicone and are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Some of the reasons for its popularity are:

Softer than silicone love dolls

Due to the plastic composition of TPE, TPE RealDolls are more elastic than silicone sex dolls. Due to the short lifespan, manufacturers have partnered with major companies to develop TPE luxury love dolls with the right infrastructure and handling.

TPE sex dolls are good quality and cheap.

It’s more durable than life-size silicone dolls.

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