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When it comes to sex dolls, many people will look at each other and laugh.

But sex dolls are mostly found in private life, what happens if you put it in public?
Not long ago I went to the streets to visit a mini sex doll experience, although I have heard of its name, but really go to the real experience, or let yourself a lot of emotions.
Pink light reflects the room, filled with a fragrance, if any, dressed in cheap sex dolls sitting on the bed…
Such a special meaning of the environment is really easy to let people “want to get into the wrong”.
The owner of the experience hall is a middle-aged man in his 40s. Through conversation, he told me that he used to be a laborer and could best appreciate the hardships of laborers, and that the main target of opening such an experience hall was “laborers”.

The boss said that in the first year when the experience hall was first opened, most of the pedestrians on the street would point out when they passed by, and some people even rushed to the store to scold him for not being ashamed.
“What a good idea, reduced part of the crime, and health and safety, no fairy jump, maintaining family harmony, to meet the needs of the workers.”
“A good product is in line with human nature, to meet the needs of customers. But can make money, in addition to the product this basis, it depends on the business model.”
“Working people, a day’s salary is only enough to give you where to spend, the price of 388 is too high.”
“I personally think it is the society are progress, hygiene should be good, management should be standardized, so many single people, and the uprooted, should respect the nature of people. I have long thought about such things.”
The boss said that most of the guests who came to experience are the workers of the nearby factories, they like the service of the experience store, and some said the boss did a great thing!
After listening to the owner’s comments about the experience center, I really felt both funny and a bit sad.
It turns out that the workers who have left their hometown, after solving the problem of food, clothing, housing and transportation, there is still a last bit of demand that has not been met, and they have too many unspeakable sufferings to tell in countless nights of tossing and turning.
The boss said that there was a man named Xiaobo among the more guests. Xiaobo came out to work in 2013 and worked as an assembly line worker in an electronics factory, and he was 29 years old and still not married. This working environment makes it difficult for most young people like Xiaopo to find a suitable match.
Xiaopo said he earned more money, but also to experience the museum, he heard that the factory has a dormitory six people pooled money to buy a cheapest inflatable doll, taking turns to use.

“For working people who enter the city and have no spouse or are separated from their spouses for a long time, special needs are more of an economic issue.”
I remember a statement by Peng Xiaohui, a professor at Huazhong Normal University, about the experience hall, saying, “Some wage earners have neither the ability nor the conditions to bring their spouses around together, nor the means to solve their needs through other means, and the silicone doll experience hall may give them more options.”

Some people think that the experience hall is against public order and morality. Others believe that the experience hall does not harm the interests of others, no need to be on the line about it.
In fact, not only the workers, many single men also have some needs that need to be addressed, the emergence of the experience hall may be the best solution

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