What’s the Difference between Sex Toys & Lover Dolls

There are many differences between sex toys, and lover dolls. Typically, sex toys tend to be smaller and more geared towards women. Sex dolls, on the other hand are typically much larger. I’ve always been against any sex tools, but after my breakup with my girlfriend, I could not find anyone with whom to have sex.

After reading reviews of London escorts, I decided to take desperate measures and hire a professional. (I am in the UK by the way, but this was not the long-term solution). Gradually I discovered teen love dolls that looked very real.

I could not resist the idea of purchasing a silicone doll. It took me some time to save enough money, but I finally felt it was worth it. The only thing that stood between me and this sexy doll was its price. This doll is priced at $8,000 without customization. That’s way too expensive for me.

Although I’d like to solve my problem, I wouldn’t spend that much on a doll. While customization is possible, the cost may not be worth it. However, I can’t justify spending that much on a sexy doll. Harmony is a gorgeous sex doll that has amazing proportions and looks extremely sexy. My dream of being a beautiful, blue-eyed, sexy blonde was always a reality. I have almost been asked the truth.

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