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 What’s sex like with a doll like?

There are many questions about how sexing with flat chested sex doll is like. In a nutshell it’s the closest you will be to a real woman. The materials are extremely real; the skin is human like and it has heat in the case of the heating blanket. It all is contingent on how realistic the dolls were made by the company and the amount of effort they have put into the realism aspects of them. But don’t worry! At ALDOLL we check the makers regularly to ensure for quality before dolls are made available in the store. You could think of it as an additional layer of quality control however, this does not come from the manufacturer, but rather from the ALDOLL team (see below:).

However, the doll isn’t able to move enough to become an active part of the intercourse. Sexing with a doll needs certain setup. First, you need pose the bbw sex doll, then move her from the storage area, and then after you’re done, clean her and get her ready to use again (attention cleaning is extremely essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and the smell! ).

If you are the first time buying TPE cheap sex doll or a silicone sex dolls, make sure you check for dolls with a lighter weight first, like tiny dolls for sex. This is because they’ll be more comfortable to pose and interact with. A novice sex doll owner could harm a doll if she’s too heavy. Therefore, lightweight dolls are the option to choose! If they’re warmed up prior to purchase by a USB heater and additional lubricant, they will be as realistic as what you would get from a real one!

In addition to vaginal sex oral and anal sexual sex can be also sexual options that a typical teen sex doll can provide. Take note that some models don’t have an open mouth, however the majority have one (usually all TPE dolls have mouths, however, some silicone dolls don’t have it). If they do, they are soft with teeth, soft lips and a tongue or simply a tunnel inside. Oral sex and kissing will appear very real when you warm the doll prior to use. Heating is essential to creating realistic dolls!

Finally Anal sex is the final option. This can give you a better sensation than vaginal. Like women who are real We recommend using Lube. Even if you are using condoms (some women who use sex dolls opt to do this to be more hygiene-conscious) the lube also need to be used and then, after usage it needs to be cleaned.

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