What type of silicone is utilized in strong dolls?

What sort of silicone is used in strong silicone sex doll? A lot of the time, what we call strong dolls consist of both silicone as well as TPE, because of the normal trouble, we call them solid dolls If you look at these 2 materials, silicone is most definitely more premium.

Real dolls.

What sort of silicone is made use of for solid mini sex doll?

Generally, high quality physical dolls are made from clinical silicone, which is an extremely costly material. So the flat chest sex doll made are likewise very pricey, virtually as long as 10,000 yuan, most set you back numerous million yuan a piece, and also there are a lot more than 100,000.

There is also a brand-new product, TPE, which has similar characteristics to silicone, and also is much more costly than silicone.

Typically speaking, silicone material is 100 to 500 per kg, while TPE is about 5 to 20 yuan per kilogram, so you can feel, if your doll or doll entity 1.70 or even more, weighing to 35 kg, not counting the skeleton 2-3 kg, if it is an asset of silicone material, the cost of the material alone will be close to 6000 or even more, plus the skeletal system, headgear, eyes, dentures, the With the components, outfits, logistics expenses, labor costs, there is no retail price of tens of countless bucks, so there is just one opportunity, the silicone material made use of in the product is extremely economical.

If you want a softer feel, TPE is recommended. With today’s innovation, it is tough to introduce with silicone. However in the future, it is most likely that the material will certainly be made straight from organic cells, which will not be different from the feel of an actual person.

TPE and silicone have lots of similar residential or commercial properties, such as soft touch, rubbery elasticity and also ecological non-toxicity. Silicone is the standard material, TPE nearly a decade or 2 before the rubber and also plastic sector to reveal their importance, both have their very own benefits, yet TPE in terms of processing performance, recyclability, expense and cost, to satisfy the silicone material can not be inadequate, with TPE in the type and also application increasingly more, so that TPE is instead of silicone is the favored product.

Certainly, there are much more inferior entity dolls, the material of this doll is usually made from PVC and also various other plastic products, in fact, it is generally simply an inflatable or semi-entire doll, many underhanded business owners to entity doll factor of sale to advertise, so that purchasers erroneously assume that it is TPE or silicone entity doll, on the purchase on dupes.

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