What to Be Watchful Of When You’re Moving With A Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be a great partner and will be with you for a lengthy duration. However, sometimes the lifespan of a doll can be too long, and this can be very difficult. Moving houses can be considered as one of the major issues.

When moving the weight and size of the doll could make things more difficult, and If the packaging isn’t appropriate, it can cause damage or deformation therefore, be cautious. The editor will provide you with the steps to take when moving an doll that is sexually oriented.

It must be packaged

When transporting a sexy doll it is recommended to cover the realistic sex doll with blankets to prevent scratches. Its skin sex-doll isn’t very fragile and won’t break from bumps or scratches however, if improperly handled it could be scratchedjust as human skin gets scratched and rubbed. In contrast to humans who have skin, sexually explicit dolls won’t be healed with time, so it is best to avoid scratching.

Keep the shipping container

The most efficient method of packing should be using the cardboard and packing materials that came when you purchased the doll. Because sex doll is expertly packaged and examined before being delivered from the factory, their protection is extremely good. Even if you decide to move it, you’ll be able to be sure that the doll is not damaged.

There are also tiny dolls of 100cm as well as larger sex dolls that measure 170cm. It is impossible to get a container that is suitable for this size. You don’t have to fret if you keep the cardboard box that you received from your first purchase. The issue is that the box you receive at the moment of purchase is big and difficult to store it. Particularly for those with many dolls, it’s not practical to keep all of the presents. Certain presents can be put away in a proper manner and the boxes can be taken apart and put under the mattress.

Be aware of the oil issue of mini sex dolls.

In the present, we should be aware of the issue of oil getting on your body doll as well as the problem of dyeing colors of fabric that is used to wrap the doll in packaging. It can be contaminated on the flat chest sex doll‘s skin. TPE raw materials release grease. This phenomenon is known as “spitting oil”. If the oil gets into clothing it can be difficult to wash away regardless of washing.

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