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What substances should be avoided in doll clothing?

The following points that you should notice for your mini sex doll

1. The staining issue can be a concern in dark shades. There is more dye than kind of fabric, however. Close fitting clothes may leave marks when left for too long , and rough and textured fabric can cause scratches. I’m aware that the oils in TPE can destroy latex of teen sex doll .However I’m not certain about polyurethane.

2. I’d avoid anything clothes or accessories(bracelets, necklaces, charms, etc.) that are made of silicone.

3. Leather should also be avoided, especially should you own furniture with leather. Place a towel or something else for her to lie on. The fishnets may cut the skin if they’re too tight. Indention  are common when clothing is too tight, but they’ll disappear in a short time provided they don’t inflict any damage to the skin. My lady was dressed in a lace dress and when I woke up, I observed the lace printed onto her back. I sat her on my side for a couple of hours and then it was back to normal. Make sure you have some buffer between any materials that you are concerned will be hard to her skin.

4. Keep your lighter colors to such as white and pink. or light blue. She can be dressed in darker shades, but make sure you don’t let her wear these colors for long time to prevent staining. It is recommended to take a bath with new light and dark clothing in warm water for about 10 minutes. The water will change color due to the dye excess. Repeat this process until the water has cleared. It may take a few times before the water becomes clean.

  • Avoid wool. It’s scratchy and causes tiny abrasions to the surface of the TPE.
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