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What Problems May Arise When Using The Love Doll?

If you buy a lover doll, you can live a fulfilling sex life every day and increase the satisfaction of masturbation.

At the same time, there are also many people who regard human-looking lover dolls as wives, lovers, and life partners, and live a fulfilling life.

This is a love doll that makes every day fun and satisfying, but it’s important to remember that it’s not all good.

If not handled properly, you can have a lot of trouble with the love doll, and it can be painful!

So, this time, I will explain the troubles that can arise when using love dolls and how to deal with them.

When using the love doll, be sure to handle it carefully to avoid damage!

Lover dolls are more like lovers than expensive, so I wanted to treat them with care so I could spend as much time with them as possible.

For this reason, it is important not to put too much burden on the love doll when using it.

Some common love doll failures include:

・ I avoided my mouth when giving him oral sex

Many love dolls can be inserted in three places: female genitalia, anus and mouth.

If you insert it, you can enjoy different feelings and pleasures. It can be said to be a good structure for the owner, but in these three holes, the “mouth” may be torn from both ends, so be careful not to use it. Do not.

You can’t avoid just inserting and moving it, but if you put pressure on it with an oversized penis or vigorous piston movement, the edges of your lips will tear.

In this way, it becomes the appearance of a “crack woman”, and the cute appearance is spoiled.

In addition, when cleaning after use, if you open your mouth forcefully and rough it, it may tear due to the burden.

Slow down insertion and piston movement as much as possible, and use lotion to improve sliding, let’s enjoy blowjob so that the hole part is not burdened.

・When changing clothes or having sex, I grab my nails and take them off.

Of course, the love doll’s nails stick very well, but if it gets caught in clothes when changing clothes, or gets tangled in sheets or blankets while playing, it can come off accidentally.

It can be fixed with adhesive, but if you don’t notice when you take it off, you won’t know where your nail is and you won’t be able to fix it.

Once you’ve removed your nails, they’ll be easier to remove even if you fix them, so you want them to stay as pristine as possible.

One way to keep your nails from falling out when changing clothes is to cut off the tips of your stockings and place them in the hands of your love doll.

This way, only your nails won’t get caught in your clothes, so you can change clothes with confidence.

Wearing thin gloves is also effective.

This looks like a fad, so even if you wear gloves during sex, you can protect your nails without discomfort.

・ The inner frame is damaged by being overweight or stepped on.

The inner skeleton of the lover doll is made of durable materials such as metal, so it will not be damaged a little bit.

But if you put too much weight in one spot, or step on it while you’re changing positions, the chances of damage aren’t zero either.

Especially during sex, I am addicted to it and suddenly want to change my posture, resulting in an unreasonable posture and frequent hip damage.

Damage to the internal skeleton is often difficult to repair, either by yourself or the manufacturer, so it’s a big deal for love doll owners.

Love dolls can’t support themselves or complain about being “injured” even when they’re in an unreasonable position.

No matter how crazy you are about sex, always keep in mind that you should approach it with caution lest you fall into an unreasonable position with love dolls.

Be careful not to cause any trouble when using the love doll!

Love doll not only has problems such as failure during use.

There are a few things to keep in mind when storing, so I’d like to introduce them.

・The color is transferred from the wig or costume to the love doll’s skin.

If you wear the wig and costume without the lover doll, the color may transfer to the lover doll’s skin.

Especially dark wigs and garments are easy to transfer, and once transferred, it is almost impossible to remove.

It’s okay to take off your wig, take off your clothes and store it, but not if you’re not using it and want to spend time with your love doll.

Wrap a headscarf or white cloth around your head and cover it with a wig to give your clothing a bright color like white or flesh tones, or wear white underwear under clothing that covers your entire skin to minimize color transfer. suppressed.

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・If you keep the same posture for a long time, both the skin and the flesh will break.

A love doll with elasticity and softness like human skin, but it may break from the part where the burden is applied if the same position is maintained for a long time.

You can prevent this from happening because it’s less of a hassle to hang it in your closet, but some people might not.

Keeping your whole body straight is the best position for anything other than hanging up and putting a burden on you.

If you really want to sit like a human, you should move about once a day, unless you’re using it as a sexual partner.

・You may run into trouble when trying to handle it!

No matter how important the love doll is, it’s time to say goodbye.

It would be ridiculous if the disposition at the time was wrong.

In particular, when someone has trouble handling a lover doll, illegally dumping it outdoors, the police are called out for being mistaken for a human corpse.

There are also procurement and processing companies specializing in sex dolls, so it can be said that finding such a company is not troublesome, and it is a method that no one will find out.

When buying a love doll, be careful not only when using and storing, but also when throwing it away.

You might be thinking, “It’s a hassle to care so much about your lover doll,” but since it’s your lover doll, the more you use it, the more you love it and the more time you spend. Will do.

Please take the time to find your favorite lover doll in “aldoll” and give it a lot of love from purchase to goodbye!

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