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What is the reason there’s an unpopularity for having the love of your life doll?


It’s a valid to ask why there’s a stigma attached to the possession of a sex toy. There is some stigmas for men who play with sex toys and masturbate all the time. If a male is seen to use the sex toys or engages in masturbation, it’s often considered to be a sign that he is not able to find a partner and therefore is creepy or lonely or even perverted. However, the use of sexual toys is now acceptable in the eyes of society (although it took years) and is generally seen as attractive due to being considered to be sexually active. Why is there some stigma surrounding sexuality in men?

Men were taught by culture to hide the sexual desire of their partners.

Masturbation is viewed as a retaliation for the lonely and unattractive male who isn’t attractive enough to be an actual human to have sexual relations with.

Even Austin Powers would admit to masturbation

Men did not have the feminist revolution, or writers who claimed that sex was healthy.

With time and some knowledge, maybe we can change the stigma around. Do we know that owning to a mini sex doll can be healthy? It’s extremely healthy. Researchers from Harvard medical school have recently found that regular orgasms reduce the chance for developing prostate cancer by as much as 22 percent! Possessing a realistic sex dolls isn’t something to be viewed as a negative thing. It’s a safe, healthy method of exploring sexual desires and needs that doesn’t affect others in a negative manner.

Possessing a cheap sex doll ought to be treated the same way as the women who own vibrators, however society isn’t there yet. It took years for female masturbation from being a taboo subject to be being a cherished aspect of healthy sexuality for women. Masturbation in males has the same challenges ahead, but on the journey to becoming more socially accepted, the stigma associated with owning an teen sex doll will likely decrease until it is normal in people’s lives.

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