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What is a love doll ?

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Because sex dolls are about the same size as women’s average, many people think they are adult women at first sight. There are two kinds of lover dolls, one with female genitals, which feels like a real person, and the other with holes, allowing you to paste a hole to enjoy fake sex. Depending on the type, there are lover dolls that can enjoy playing with the mouth, anus, and female genitals. Being able to play with a lover’s doll without hesitation, even if a real woman has no resistance, is a big advantage.

-Realistic touch
Not only looks, but also feels like a real woman. Many are made of soft and smooth materials, even if it is a bit cold at first, if you keep holding them, they will gradually heat up to your body temperature. The weight is similar to that of women, so when you hug you, you will feel like you are really holding a woman.

-Flexible joints
You can freely move the joints of the love dolls currently on sale. It can be in any position, whether it is spreading its legs or crawling on all fours. However, its joints are also made to simulate human joints and cannot be broken off forcefully, otherwise it may cause irreversible consequences.

In reality, it is difficult to find a woman who exactly matches your imagination, and it may be difficult for you to tolerate their rejection. But sex dolls will never refuse you, they only need you to buy them, and they can belong to you forever. When you are tired of playing with them, you can also choose to discard them, no one will be responsible for you. And there are many types of sex dolls, some are cute and some are handsome. You just need to choose your favorite on the store’s sales page. The biggest advantage of this lover doll is that you can easily buy women with your favorite face and style. But because the prices and materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can choose to buy your favorite lover within your abilities.