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Imagine what will happen to the sex doll industry in the far future

 Imagine what will happen to the sex doll industry in the far future. It’s definitely fun to imagine, but the truth is, you don’t have to go very far when it comes to real dolls. As we said, technologists are working hand in hand with teen sex doll makers to bring you some very exciting new developments. Smart Control Sex Doll for Mobile Devices You can already use your smartphone to buy the perfect love doll. Now imagine being able to create thick sex dolls using a custom app. Soon you’ll be able to choose your real doll’s height, body shape, hair color, skin tone, eye color, and more, and you’ll see a 360-degree model on the screen. With the help of apps and augmented reality, users can try on makeup, clothes, new hairstyles in the online store. Now imagine something like buying a mini sex doll.

 Soon, you can use the app to create the perfect sex dolls and visualize him or her in real life in your bedroom using your smartphone’s camera. Mobile integration can also go far beyond the shopping experience. There are already sex toys, such as vibrators controlled by smartphones. This means that someone could be hundreds of miles away and still be involved in their partner’s sexual experience. Imagine falling in love with a realistic sex doll, and your partner controls what the love doll says, how it moves, and the speed and intensity of the vibrations you might feel.

Soon, they could even transmit their voices through curvy sex dolls. Sensor Technology Picture a life-size sex doll that gets smoother as you kiss her, stroke her breasts, or stroke her clitoris. This is a real possibility thanks to the use of sensors. Soon your love doll’s temperature will change, her hips will rotate, and she can even moan at you when you love her. Sensors can detect changes in temperature, friction, humidity and pressure and instruct your AI sex doll to react in a specific way.

Smart Sex Dolls Care If you own smart appliances, you know they can do some really cool things. One of them is to contact the manufacturer to resolve maintenance issues. In the future, the same technology could be used to keep sex dolls looking their best. For example, when a love doll feels it needs minor repairs, it might send a message to the sex doll maker. In return, you’ll receive a text message prompting you to order replacement parts or send the cheap sex doll for expedited repair work. You may receive reminders and instructions for caring for a mechanical aldoll doll.

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