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What can you do to fix the scratch marks that appear on the surfaces of your doll?

The first step is to cleanse the surface that has been damaged of the shemale sex doll using Baby oil or petroleum jelly. Alongside cleaning, they could help in making the distribution of heat more evenly. After applying petroleum jelly, you can begin to aim the heat gun towards the affected area.

Be aware of how far the gun is from the doll’s skin. Make sure you don’t put it too closely to your cheap sex doll as it could cause severe burns to the substance. Maintain a distance of at least 10 centimeters. Melting point for TPE doll is approximately 110 degrees Celsius. When it begins to melt, you’ll be able to see a surface that resembles a glaze, and it will stop when it stops based on the temperature change, it will stop melting.

When the doll is heated to a comfortable temperature, use a clean , dry cloth and gently clean the scratches on the surface the big booty sex doll. After cooling and heating repeatedly the affected area will smooth. It is important to remember that temperatures of the surface that is heated is likely to drop rapidly. It is therefore essential to get rid of the scratches as soon as you can after stopping the use of the heating gun.

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