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What Are The Reasons To Buy A Love Doll?

  1. Who buys love dolls?
    Are Love Doll Buyers Perverted?

Lover dolls have been around more than a long time ago. At present, it has been widely recognized by the world. It sees like a real woman.

So what kind of person would buy such a lover doll?

Love Dolls know, but their users don’t,

I think a lot of people say that.

For example, when you think of “brand packages”, you think of “celebrities” as users.

When you think “vegetable mashimashi ramen”, you probably think of “boys” as users.

So who are the users of “Love Doll”?

Or “no social perversion”?

――However, the actual situation is completely different.

Because love doll is

It’s a hobby that requires a lot of discipline.

First of all, the flat chested sex doll itself is expensive.

Recently, there are more and more TPE dolls,

Although it is more accessible than it was a long time ago,

Even so, a budget of several hundred to several thousand dollars is required.

You can’t buy it unless you have a decent job.

Also, after buying it, you need to take good care of it with a hobby.

It’s also important to change clothes frequently and take care to prevent wrinkles.

In other words, it’s a hobby not for lunatics.

Only socially moderate, serious and attentive,

It can be said that it is very suitable for the hobby of loving dolls.

For those who can buy sex dolls and treat life-size dolls with love,

In fact, he was probably the most decent person.

  1. Reasons for Buying Love Dolls
    So what kind of person

What is your purpose of buying a love doll?

After all, the most common purpose is sex.

Due to the nature of sex dolls, this is undeniable.

However, for those who just want to have sex,

It is said that you cannot continue to have sex doll users for a long time.

When two of me and a love doll needed post-processing,

Users who just want spears will naturally walk away.

For those who live with love dolls for a long time,

I found meaning outside of sex in dolls.

◆ Some people like to dress their pets with love dolls.
your favorite anime characters

I think a lot of people are decorating their desks.

Also known as custom dolls,

There are also so-called “dolls” that allow you to freely customize the color of your eyes and hair.

In recent years, it has become especially popular with women.

It’s a user who likes mini love dolls with those same vectors.

Hairstyle, dress, rearrange poses freely, watch it.

Or take a photo and upload it to Instagram.

The love dolls are life-size, so their authenticity is outstanding.

With this in mind, women may buy love dolls in the future.

This may not be uncommon.

◆ Some users buy love dolls as life partners
In some cases, young people will buy it,

Most are elderly, especially men before their wives.

My beloved partner suddenly disappeared from the house I lived with for a long time.

Just imagining it makes my chest hurt.

The doll who came home to fill the sense of loss

Healing the hearts of old people who preceded their wives… There are examples of this.

◆ As a tool to address disability issues
Lover dolls have been attracting attention in recent years
Love Doll users are beyond our imagination

I am looking for a love doll for many reasons.

xlovedoll love doll

  1. Can love dolls replace women?
    In the previous chapter, an old man before his wife

I gave an example of buying a love doll as a life partner.

There is no such special situation, love doll can be everyone’s partner…

More simply, are there alternatives for women?

This is a very difficult subject, but I wanted to think about it.

First, those who are looking for a “female alternative”

Start by thinking about what you want from women.

If you want a woman to have sex

Love Doll already has this feature.

What if you are looking for peace?

It has it too. Love dolls can fill the loneliness of life.

So what about conversations? AI love dolls have already demonstrated this possibility.

What about cooking and laundry?

Unfortunately, it can’t be a love doll today.

However, asking women to do housework has become an anachronism.

If women don’t have to do housework,

Love dolls don’t have to do housework either.

With this in mind, love dolls may have become a substitute for women.

sophistry? So let’s talk about the near future.

For example, now I have a 2008 book about love dolls.

Negative perceptions of self-moving love dolls are expressed in this book.

However, now, 10 years after the book was published, artificial intelligence love dolls have appeared.

You can even change your facial expressions and have a conversation with the user.

In the next 10 years, it will become a brand new partner for everyone.

And there are probably more love dolls than female substitutes.

…I wrote here and came up with another one.

Today’s love dolls are full of cutting edge technology.

For someone who loves something new, love dolls may be an inspiration.

  1. How to really buy love dolls

“I think my love for dolls is surprisingly good.”

I’d be happy if someone thought of it.

for such a person

This chapter will show you how to buy a love doll.

After all, the fastest way is to use mail order.

With aldoll, in addition to an easy-to-read page structure and lots of real photos,

Because you can sort by height, face shape, price, etc.

Easier to find your favorite lover doll.

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