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What about dolls with selective breasts?

The urdolls shop stocks a wide range of asian sex dolls. It takes more effort to decide on the type of doll’s breast material and breast size. There are many types of sex doll breasts. You will need to take time to find the right sex doll for you.

Urdolls will show you how to select the right breast material for your sex doll. Jelly and silicone are the most popular materials for doll breasts.

The jelly breast sex dolls are able to do flat activities such as touching the breast curves, grasping the breasts, touching the breasts, sucking, biting and even subtle touches like kissing the breast curves, under the breasts, or touching the breasts. These are often added options. You can experience a very realistic touch with jelly breasts. Because the material is soft and elastic, it is very realistic.

 TPE and silicone breasts make dolls of sex feel slightly stiffer and more soft than regular ones. The breasts made from silicone and TPE feel very real and elastic. The best cleavage. If you don’t want to miss the fun of cleavage and all its benefits, insert your hands, fingers, and even tools into the cleavage starting at the top or the bottom.

These are the types of breasts that you can choose from when purchasing a ebony sex dolls.

1. Hollow breast: The hollow breast is actually hollow inside, and the cavity is filled up with air. They are lighter, so the chance of tearing is lower.

2. Full breasts: Most standard baby breasts are made from silicone or solid TPE. Solid breasts are also referred to. They are elastic and soft, and you can feel a slight toughness or toughness when you squeeze them. They are mostly made from silicone and TPE.

3. Gel breast: This gel is softer than the other two options and can be used to imitate the feel of real breasts. The jelly or gel material is placed inside the breasts of the sex doll. It can also be used to imitate the feel of real breasts.

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