We must choose sex dolls that are durable dolls

When you are choosing a sex model it is important to consider more than just the skin. ensure that the sex doll is built with a skeletal structure that can bend in its joints so it is able to remain in a fixed position just as a real human.

Silicone dolls are a great option, since they are typically heavy and need a sturdy bones structure to help them keep their position.

This is extremely useful when you intend to keep your flat chest sex doll in a public space like sitting in your living room even when you’re not in use.

Do not put your love doll down for a prolonged period of time, without changing its position and straightening to a certain extent every now and then to avoid causing permanent wrinkles around areas like elbows, rear of the knees and more.

Be aware of the size and weight

If you are buying your first sex model, it is important to consider the size and weight. These days, sex dolls typically come in full-size or mini versions.

There isn’t a standard international to determine the size of a doll that qualifies it as a mini-doll however in general, it’s no greater than 100 cm (39 inches).

However, the sex dolls that are life-sized can weigh more than 40 kilograms (90 pounds) and require a lot of power and endurance for movement.

To be honest, both versions of sex dolls today are different and have advantages and drawbacks.

Mini dolls for sex are less expensive and easier to keep clean, and easy to store however, the disadvantage is that they’re not as authentic.

However, larger sex dolls look more authentic and generally contain several holes to be filled. However, their disadvantage is that they’re more expensiveand require some extra care in cleaning, maintaining and storing them, and aren’t recommended for those with mobility issues or who have difficulty lifting large objects.

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