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Water-Based Lubricants For Sex With Dolls

You can also completely transform your face shape with realistic love doll masks, with pre-makeup and clever designs, these masks can feminine your face into a beautiful woman face. Simply apply makeup around your eyes to allow your skin to blend better with the silicone on the eye holes. After that, choose a nice wig (soon there will be some great heat-friendly wigs on the site too, so be sure to check it out) to finish the look and see your new face in the mirror!

We recommend using a water-based lube for sex with your doll. If you want to use regular lube, make sure it’s water based and not silicon based as it will damage the TPE material. If the skin feels sticky, after cleaning and drying your cheap love dolls, dab it with the brush provided to make her skin soft and smooth again. This is very important to prevent your sex doll from tearing.

Shave or remove body hair: There’s no denying that men with beards are attractive, but make sure your beard is properly trimmed. It will make you look clean and hygienic. In addition to facial hair, try trimming excess hair from the ears, neck, nose, and eyebrows. Most women find unwanted body hair unattractive. Therefore, it is important to trim body hair properly.

Compared with inflatable dolls, real dolls are more fleshy. The real-life doll has a stainless steel frame with a silicone outer layer, giving it a real sensuality and elasticity. Because there are keels in it, you can pose in many shapes, you can think of her as your intimate lover, she also has the characteristics of a lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or tight.

If anything, we still have to tread carefully. After all, we’ve seen countries like the UK return to lockdown multiple times. So what better way to prepare for future lockdowns and social distancing than with a caring partner to guide you? Luckily, as the market begins to recover from the financial stress of the pandemic, you can get a ton of discounts on your favorite silicone dolls.

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