Using a sex doll together with your spouse

Using a sex doll together with your spouse

I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who has a few mini sex doll and even had his girlfriend ask him to purchase one. We play with them all the time we play threesomes, simulate them and even engage in joint masturbation with tpe sex dolls. It’s awe-inspiring.

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There are some who don’t have a companion willing to go through this however if you’ve met someone with the same kinks as you and you are looking for the threesome method with a doll from a sexy collection and your partner.

It’s something I’ve never seen before, and switching between love doll is thrilling and lets you experience what your sexual fantasies would be like , without actually having to try it.

Male dolls (like my girlfriend’s) that aren’t quite as realistic, however it has let us play with so many fantasies of sexual intimacy and we’ve tried threesomes or group sex, cuckolding and even mutual masturbation (I also have a spouse in actual life).

If you’re a fan of kinky items and it can improve your relationship and provide something new, and just as the addition of a penis extender could be a game changer and can be a game changer as well, but on a larger scale.

These are only the methods I have used to increase my masturbation. Some of them aren’t so great I know but if you have one or are looking to purchase one, these methods will enhance it.

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