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Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls?

Life-size love dolls are currently on the rise. They are increasingly popular with men. An artist is already innovating in this area, and manufacturers are finding new ways to imagine real users of love dolls. In fact, in Japan, men are able to make high-end anatomical sex dolls based on artificial bones and muscles. This is an artist named Keisuke Asakura.

Japanese artist Kaley Asakura has been making her own true love dolls for two years. He managed to get a RealDoll with bones, ligaments and artificial muscles. It’s creepy, but it’s still an original work.

Keisuke Asakura is a painting of a young woman known as a “mixed-race” who has to say he is already famous in his own country. At some point, he decided to set himself an extraordinary challenge. So he set out to make a more realistic sex doll.

After that, Japanese artists started looking for the bone grafts and skin grafts they needed. He had to work hard for two years. Apparently, his enthusiasm paid off when he was about to finish his job: a larger-than-life luxury love doll called Kore.

From clay to meat… Keiryu Asakura has yet to start making flat chested sex doll out of synthetic elements. In fact, he started making the latter out of cables and clay. He then purchased some bone fragments from a company specializing in organ manufacturing. I have to say his organs were made for medical school. Also, Japanese artists use real-life love dolls to create life-size love doll skins. In fact, he used skin grafting techniques to graft the resulting skin into luxury sex dolls.

Also, this sex doll has no internal organs other than the vulva. In fact, artist Kaley Asakura created it to make it feel different from the skin. He wants his reaction to be as close to reality as possible. However, Asakura Keiryu is already using this true love doll. He sees her as his true companion.

Real Doll to be a star. Japanese artist Cary Asakura has big ambitions for his sex dolls. In fact, he wants to make his luxurious lover doll a YouTube star. In fact, he wanted to use it to make sex doll porn. He also wanted to take her on a trip, and he didn’t hesitate to take pictures with her. Keisuke Asakura also wanted to enhance it by showing his life-size love doll in the beautiful scenery. After all, he longed to be able to relate to people.

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