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Try these suggestions with your beloved doll

Sex Against The Wall

If you’re one of those men who prefer their partners to sit in front of the wall, and approach the room from behind, you could make use of this pose alongside your mini sex doll, too. The corners of the room could be the ideal place as the walls give her the support needed for her to stand upright. It’s great to sex in intimate areas such as the shower or balconies. It’s also excellent for full penetration!

PRE STEPS: Have her sit on the floor in the middle of the room with her back facing the outside, which means that her back should face the wall and you’ll need to be in the position of holding her from behind. The doll’s arms should be spread on the wall in order to keep the equilibrium of her body. Then, lift any of her legs and you’re set to dive into her.


Spooning is one of the most intimate sex position ever. If you’re looking for an intimate sex session with your doll lying on the bed , or in search of more intimate positions this position could be very beneficial for both of you and your flat chested sex doll.

The spooning position offers the most comfortable and smoothest penetration. It’s perfect for larger sexually active dolls since there is no need to carry them in uncomfortable positions. It’s ideal to keep your body warm. Since you’re close to your girl, your body heat warms her and makes the sex feel more real.

PRE STEPS: Have the cheap sex doll lay on her back, with her arms straight in front as if she were your small spoon. The legs should be bent at an angle that is 45 degrees to help support her body. Then, lift her leg upwards and enter from any of the openings you’d like to.

Two Most Common Oral Doll Sex Positions

1.) Stand and blow with your doll lying on her back before you. Make sure your sex doll is placed on her back, lying on a bed. set her legs to make her knees bent and straight back. Then, lift her onto a soft cushion lying on the floor. Enjoy!

  • ) Game On 2) The japanese sex doll should be laid on the couch or bed on her belly , then turn her neck and waist in such a way that you can slide her underneath until her head is resting on your lap. The rest is just a matter of time.
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