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TPE dolls as well as silicone dolls pros and cons of contrast, what do you purchase?

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Anyone who is familiar with adult sex dolls should be aware that all physical dolls available comprise of silicone dolls and TPE dolls, of which the tpe dolls are among the top one. The majority of people both silicone and tpe dolls cannot be distinct, and so this article will guide you through various ways to differentiate the difference between them.

The dolls themselves are composed of two types of materials. They were initially dolls made of silicone. After the TPE, a hot plastic elastomer slowly ignited, a lot of doll makers used TPE materials which make better dolls. There are many people in this. Community Q: Do you think TPE or silicone dolls great? I’ve already discussed the benefits and drawbacks of TPE and silica gel. I’m not sure if you are aware of it. In terms of health and use, TPE is advantages, but would you consider buying a doll made from TPE? First it is necessary to differentiate between the raw materials used in the dolls made of solid:

Sex dolls made of TPE material:

TPE has no smell Feel good! The resilience is good, however due to the physical crosslinking, there’ll be no permanent deformation. TPE materials that have an extremely high molecular weight have better elastic The thermoplastic elastomer has non-toxic and environmentally safe large range of hardness offers excellent color, soft contact, weather resistance, temperature resistance, and fatigue resistance, with excellent processing capability that is not curing. The processing efficiency is superior to the rubber that is recycled to lower costs, or the second molding and PE, PP, PS, PC, ABS and other substrates coated with adhesive materials can be made separately.

Silicone material doll features:

Silica gel that has an extremely smooth surface. greater range of hardness, typically 20 80A silicone rubbers are outstanding for their smoothness on the surface. It is extremely resistant to heat and cold resistance, dielectric resistance as well as resistance to ozone and atmospheric aging properties. remarkable performance of the silicone rubber at a broad temperature.

You can tell the difference by the way it feels:

Dolls made of silicone generally feel more brittle, whereas TPETPE soft rubber dolls are extremely soft. Of obviously, dolls made of silicone could also be made quite soft, however the price will be higher and the existing doll makers will produce O degrees, are able to be pinched, but the TPE soft plastic dolls will be very extremely hard.

Differentiate between texture and

The silicone doll is superior to that of TPE soft doll because of the slightly more durable material, the expressiveness of the doll will be higher; some of the realistic handprints and other details can only be conveyed by the doll made of silicone, while the TPE soft doll is not able to do as well.

Differentiate yourself from the pull:

The silicone dolls can stretch up to five times, depending on different formulas. TPE soft dolls can stretch between six and eight times. This means that the TPE soft rubber offers a higher pulling force as well as more intense motions. However, silicone dolls can be susceptible to tears when they aren’t taken care of properly.

Comparison of silicone dolls and TPE dolls

After a manufacturer’s test both dolls are the same feature, with the differences are in usage.

It’s the same:

1. TPE’s texture feels soft however, the softness of TPE is higher than what gels made of silica!

2. Dryness on the surface is another benefit of TPE.

The difference is:

Oil is a vital element of TPE. The more soft the product is, the more oil it has. It improves its dryness TPE surface.

Concerning the smell of the dolls with the addition of various flavors, the smell can be managed to a degree that our sense of smell can tolerate or even appreciate. Of course, the solid silicone doll, during the long-term use will undoubtedly have an unctuous surface and stinky smell.

With the information above I am convinced that you are able to better understand the differences of the difference between silicone dolls and tpe dolls and then you can return to the source of the issue, if you purchase a real doll, do you pick one made of silicone or a doll made of tpe? If your budget allows I recommend you purchase an e-silicone doll or a more expensive tpe doll since this type of doll is on the top level of manufacturing and materials and is of higher quality, ensuring that you will have a better sexual experience.

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