Tools for cleaning sexual doll


Here are a few tools you can employ to cleanse the most delicate parts of your small sex doll‘s body:

Vaginal irrigator

Vaginal irrigators help remove the dirt from the areas you had sex just after having a sex session in your partner.

They are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. You can utilize them in just five steps to make sure the area is cleaned and ready for the next time use.

Vaginal irrigators are sold either in bulk or individually. They are comfortable and soft easy to clean and use as well as the silicon used in the process is FDA approved.

These are soft on skin and are non-toxic.

You can buy an vaginal irrigator from here.

Handheld shower head.

Hand-held or detachable showers are ideal to wash or shower tpe sex dolls as they are simple and easy to use.

Begin with cold water, gradually switch to warm water, while adding an antibacterial and mild cleansing agent.

Avoid the harsh chemicals, oily cosmetics alcohol, as well as any general soap because they can harm or stain the skin.

Soft sponge.

The most effective method to clean your doll is a traditional sponge.

It is affordable, eco friendly, safe and non-toxic. It is reusable while being completely safe.

But, there are some tricks you can use and be mindful of when cleaning your doll. It is best to avoid any rough touching or rough handling since you may stain or harm the skin.

Take care to handle it with grace and a little patience. And do not forget to wash it with mild soap or antibacterial soap.

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