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To satisfy different sex needs, we use different food sex dolls

She raised another question in her previously mentioned doctoral dissertation, Professor Moya: Why does owning a sex toy always make you feel inferior and unfair? She stated, “Sex is also a hunger, similar to hunger. But we use different food dolls to satisfy that appetite.” If the doll’s owner did not cause harm to others, why should we condemn it?

Even though vibrators and other sex toys are becoming more popular, male sex doll torso still remain mysterious. This is because Japanese sex toys are more concerned with gender and rights than other masturbation tools. Smith once stated, “In history any non-reproductive sexual activity has been considered inappropriate.” It is becoming more common for people to accept non-reproductive sexual sex. However, our emotional attachment requirements have increased.

Many men who use sex doll realistic to have sex with dolls also seek to develop a loving relationship with their TPE doll. While we want to have a relationship that is mutually equal, this does not apply to doll-to-person relationships. This relationship will be unilateral in nature, much like a man playing a seesaw with a woman. The people are the ones in charge.

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