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To relieve boredom, a seventy-year old man in Xi’an purchases a sex doll

While sex dolls are not the most inappropriate, doll-lovers have embraced them as their spiritual and intimate relatives. It was recently reported that Xi’an’s seventies-aged residents bought tranny sex doll to alleviate their boredom. It is very eye-catching to play sex with an old man. This is something that a good media outlet should not do. Sex dolls are not magical and should not be promoted on the media. We should only offer Blessings to those who can provide spiritual comfort for the elderly.

 While they understand that these reports will be the center of attention, they won’t pay any more attention to the elderly. Even the elderly were mocked by the bitterness of the behavior. The author is trying to point out that even though you were a journalist reporting on the incident, you might have some sexual interest in Japanese sex dolls when you’re older. It is possible to use it, rather than just watching. It is very inattentive to write such a report.

They are also desolate because they were born into a particular social environment. They are entitled to the support and care of all social classes. As a decoration, the old man purchases a small breast sex doll. The public shouldn’t bring such incidents to newspapers with a sense fo ridicule. They should also comfort lonely old people.

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