To keep your sexy doll in good shape You must take care

To keep your sex doll in good shape You must take care.

Be aware the fact that TPE can be a soft and absorptive material. Clean it up and treat it gently . make use of the common sense. In the meantime there are some guidelines to remember:

Don’t put it on your floor particularly on carpet. If your flooring isn’t like your bedroom, your tpe sex dolls will be immediately covered with dirt, lint, hair, or whatever else you have in the floor. It’s disgusting. It will need to be cleaned from head to toe using baby oil, for sure. We highly recommend keeping the doll on your bedroom or in a container for storage for storage. That’s all there is to it.

Dark objects may cause stains on the doll. Be aware that TPE is abrasive. Any object that is dark and in proximity to the doll may cause a stain which will likely not come out. For instance, I’ve witnessed clients leave stains on the doll with these things:

Dressing the doll in black vinyl or leather clothing and then letting it sit overnight.

Place the small sex doll on the floor in a dark chair.

Placing the doll in the cover of a magazine.

If you’re dressing your doll, we suggest you select light colored cotton fabric. If you are using darker fabrics don’t put the doll away in the clothes. Remove them after you’re done.

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