Tips to take care of sex dolls TPE

1. The delicate skin need to be cared for every week. Apply body lotion to delicate areas, like the armpits, knees and elbows and other important areas, each week, to ensure that it stays soft and smooth as silk.

2. The doll’s skin should be moisturized each month. It is suggested to apply baby oil or Vaseline to apply oil to the TPE’s skin. This will help to rejuvenate and ensure that your realistic sex doll‘s skin stays as smooth, soft and supple as it did when it was new.

3. The skin of your big booty sex doll could get sticky. It is recommended that you apply the baby’s powder, or even cornstarch for powdering your doll’s skin by using a large blush brush each month or for a week. This will not only make your skin soft and smooth and soft, but it’s crucial to prevent tears.

4. Be aware of clothing and items which contain inks or dyes such as newspapers dark leather, or products that contain oil-soluble pigments. It’s easy to get your sex doll stained and is difficult to clean.

5. Don’t put your doll with TPE out in the sun.

6. A water-based lubricant, or a condom that is well-lubricated and lubricated is recommended when you’re having sexual relations in with your partner. In comparison to petroleum-based or silicone fluids, water-based lubricants is more effective in safeguarding the vaginal nasal and oral areas.

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