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 Tips to Customize Sex Dolls with Unique Personality Styles

Sex dolls, which are models of real people, require their owners to identify themselves and give them a distinct personality.

Many people have the same sex doll. We want dolls that are uniquely yours. However, we know that everyone has different feelings about sex dolls.

ALDoll allows you to choose from two different body styles for sex dolls with the same appearance. They will be priced differently. People who wish to personalize their dolls often choose BBW sex toys or skinny sex toys. These dolls can be customized according to their requirements and can also be modified in makeup.

Realistic sex doll personalization has the advantage that you can make your doll unique by dressing up and setting her up. You can divide character settings into different categories to allow for different attribute settings. This includes her identity, occupation and character.

You can customize your sex dolls with hairstyles, eye makeup, clothing, and even face makeup.


There are many types of sex doll hair wigs available, including curly, straight, curly, straight and even some that can be made by you.


ALDoll installs the eyes on all sex dolls before they leave the factory (default style). You can choose to have other colors installed if you wish. The quality of the material used and the painting are the main characteristics of an eyeball. Next is the color of its iris.

Face Makeup

A professional makeup artist will meticulously paint the makeup before the teen sex doll‘s head can be shipped. The TPE face makeup is easy, it is not very strong and may fade over time. Follow the usual makeup removal and makeup application process.

The makeup on the sex doll heads is very fine. To ensure that it lasts, special materials and crafts are used in the makeup.


The best way to express a mini sex doll‘s personality is through their doll costumes. Sex dolls can be sized to life-size and can wear clothing you already own. These are the types of clothing that can be used as entry-level sex doll clothing.

Everyday clothes: Jeans, shirts, and short skirts. They are all worn every day on the streets.

Uniforms for professionals: Uniforms that have special meanings such as JK uniforms or flight attendant uniforms or nurse uniforms or medical uniforms. These uniforms are representative of the profession.

Special costumes: These include fancy costumes for cosplay characters and dancer costumes. They offer a different visual experience. Shoes, accessories, etc. are also available that can be altered on the sex doll. You can match the shoes to the style of clothes. The shoe size will be determined by the height of the person. Accessories are the finishing touch. You can wear hairpins, headgear and hats on your head. There are many options for accessories, including rings, necklaces and bracelets. Brooches, school badges and ties can be used as accessories for clothing.

We can create sex dolls from scratch by using a cheap sex doll factory. You can create your very own sex doll through the ever-changing process.

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