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Tips of Storing Your Sex Doll?


There are numerous ways to keep your doll. To ensure that your doll in top condition there’s a list of rules that you have to be able to adhere to:

Temperature – Sex dolls must be kept at room temperature. beware of places that are too hot or cold. A high humidity level is not a good idea. Avoid garages, bathrooms or other storage spaces that could be damp or susceptible to mold.

Too much sunlight can cause wear and tear on the TPE, which causes the TPE to break down more quickly than normal.

The body of the doll can quickly collect dust and stick to it. We suggest storing your doll in a bag for storage as well as in its original box, as dust can be very difficult to remove.

Avoiding Stains Avoiding Stains – If you plan to put the mini sex doll within a storage container Be aware of the color. Because the teen sex doll will stay inside the storage bag for a long period of time, the colors could be transferred out of the bag if incorrect material is utilized.

Do not let the doll lie on any artificial or stained surfaces like leather sofas or dark clothes for prolonged periods of time.

Do not leave the doll in unnatural postures for long durations of time. The skin may stretch and become damaged, or even split, when not returned to its normal position following use. Natural is thought to be lying in a box.

When the doll isn’t being use, make sure to take care to store it properly. It should not be kept in a bent state between usage. It could result in the skin to warp. If you keep it bent for long periods such as sitting down or lying with arms raised and down, you run the chance to make her skin folds appear as scars, even when in normal posture.

If you spend for long periods without usage, you should consider changing your doll’s position at intervals. This will help prevent wear and tear on the structure of your doll.

Make sure your doll is away from pets, particularly dogs. The cheap sex doll could be damaged by tears and bite marks in the event that it is chewed or scratched by pets.

Be sure to keep the bbw sex doll away from flames.

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