Tips for Storing your sex doll

 Tips for Storing your love doll

Keep your doll in a dry, dark and cool place. Avoid surfaces that are too hard as they can flatten your doll. Also, avoid surfaces with colors that could stain it. Your teen sex doll should be in a neutral, upright, and straight position with no bend joints.

It is recommended that the doll is placed on a memory foam surface such as the blocks provided with the doll. Do not leave the doll unattended for too long. It is best to move the shemale sex doll around and change its position from time-to-time, so it doesn’t flatten out.

When storing the doll, take out the removable vagina.

Some people take off the head to store their tpe sex dolls for long term storage. They hang them on a hook made by the manufacturer.

Doll owners may stand their dolls up (if they have standing feet) and then lean them against a wall to store. This is not a good way to store your dolls for long-term storage. It can cause damage to the knee joints. Some doll owners have no problems with this method of storing their dolls. This is fine for short-term storage.

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