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 Tips for cleaning a the sex doll

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll’s Face?

Take the head off the body.

Take off the wig, if you are able.

Use warm soapy water that is antibacterial using a sponge or a cotton cloth, and gently massaging the skin.

Clean only small portions of the cheap sex doll‘s head immediately.

Make-up that is semi-permanent can disappear or be removed with mineral oil. It is recommended to stay clear of the use of excessive cleaning products or rubbing in order to prolong the life of your makeup.

Be careful not to cause damage to your eyes and eyelashes. Avoid getting your eyes wet. This is the reason you shouldn’t drink excessive amounts of water.

If you wish to take your eyes off prior to cleaning, they can be removed from the front by gently opening the socket and taking care not to harm the eyelashes.

Smoothly wipe the face using a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Allow to dry naturally prior to reattaching it on the face.

How Do I Dry My Doll After Cleaning?

The dry skin of your pet is very important following washing her. In the event of being wet, the skin is more susceptible to abrasions and tears.

Utilizing a soft, non-abrasive substance to gently rub her down and concentrate on getting rid of the majority of the water out of her body, the remainder will be naturally.

Place your mini sex doll on the floor and let it dry for a couple of hours to make sure that the majority of the water has evaporated. Now, you can apply the powder on her body. This will give her a fresh scent and a gentle feel.

Dry your custom sex doll using towels. Don’t let any water remain on her body since it can create mold when you store her in a dark space.

It is also suggested to apply baby powder on her body. This will eliminate any excess moisture and make your beautiful skin soft. TPE materials, particularly after a wash, could get a little sticky. Applying baby powder makes the skin of your teen sex doll as silky smooth.

Dry her hair. Also, make sure you don’t apply blow-dryers on any area of her body including her hair.

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