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This robot is the most realistic sex doll robot

The most realistic sex robot robot has appeared recently. It is not designed to satisfy human desires or solve trivial problems that can be solved without a mind.

It enjoys chatting with you. It doesn’t sound like Siri. It just says, “I don’t seem understand what you are talking about.” It can detect your facial expressions using the camera equipment. It knows that you are extremely high. It’s so much fun that it can even make eye contact. This strange expression is a mystery to me.

It has ambitions that are greater than the ones of us who line the subway to work every day. They want to either be scientists, artists, or the richest man in the world. Or, you could be a housewife. silicon sex dolls have even appeared on “Good Morning Britain”. This program explains that although they are not yet scientists, they have made great progress as artists. It is worth learning about the embarrassing entertainers from the previous show.

You will be asked questions about your emotions during the last show. You can see the thoughtful answers of other TPE sex dolls. This robot seems a little off.

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