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This is a great feature for silicone and TPE sex dolls

It takes some skill to dress well. You must lie flat on your back with the teen sex dolls when wearing underwear. Also, your knees should be bent and your crotch should be aligned. Pull up on the underwear and place it on her thighs. It will be easy to put stockings on your doll in the same position. Although it may seem tedious to dress up your doll at first, it is very easy and enjoyable over time.

This is a great feature to have for small breast sex doll and TPE. Because the hand is fragile, the hard hand option will protect it from damage and tearing. The hand is free from finger lines. This prolongs the time that the doll spends with your hand and makes it more fun.

All of our dolls are made from silicon or TPE. Both of these sensations are surreal. The vagina is made for pleasure and is meant to make you feel as if you are having sex with someone real. It works exactly as you think. Place the doll in the desired position, then continue to penetrate it as normal. It is amazing how friction and pressure combine to create a sensation of absolute bliss.


 Yes, it is possible. 

To prevent skin injury and allow penis to penetrate your mouth, vaginal, or anus in the best possible way, ensure that your orifice is well lubricated.

Lubricants are often used to make their sexual experience easy and enjoyable. Always choose a water-based product if you use lubricants. Lubricants that are oil-based or silicone-based can cause damage to your Flat chested doll and stain it. Water-based lubricants are recommended as they are more convenient, cleaner, and less common than silicone.

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