Things you are be interested in about the love doll


How durable are the joints of the bbw sex doll?

Doll joints are made of stainless steel. They’re extremely strong and made to be bent in a human-like manner. While the joints are very strong however, bending them in a way that isn’t natural as well as forcing the doll into a position which is difficult for the majority of people could cause breaking the joint and is considered to be a misuse by the doll. Joints are often stiff when a doll is brand new and should be held with a firm, two-handed grip either end of the joint. Be mindful not to twist the silicone in a way that is not natural. Joints can produce some creaking sounds, but this is normal and becomes less apparent with time. Joints will become looser with the use.

How can I pose, and how do I protect my hands and mini sex doll‘s?

While moving your doll around, ensure that the hands are not in the way. Do not allow your anime sex doll to fall on its hands, as this could result in the finger wires being able to poke holes in the silicone. When you are carrying the doll, it is recommended to place its hands on your shoulders or cross them over your chest. Be sure to position the hands gently and refrain from putting stress on your fingers. If any wires come through, you are able to pull it back into the silicone. It is possible to utilize an repair kit made of silicone to fix the fingers or just leave them in the same condition as they are.

Do dolls have the ability to support themselves to be in any sexual position?

You will have support in order to help in the distribution of your weight across many situations, like doggy fashion. The knee, elbow and shoulder joints don’t lock, and they are unable to carry the weight of their bodies. We suggest support for the doll’s upper body by using pillows to ensure that the posture is kept during usage. Posing the cheap sex doll on an ottoman or table permits doggy-like poses.

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