These Untold Truths about Realistic Sex Dolls

Sex dolls that are realistically sexy are not taboo anymore. They are becoming more popular. These dolls have some unique facts that aren’t widely known. These are some amazing facts that will blow you away.

1. Adventure

Dave Carter, a Michigan man, decided to go an extra mile and get married to his sexy doll. Although his marriage is not legally recognized, the fact remains that he considers the doll his wife. You’ll be surprised to learn that this is not the only doll he has. He has two other dolls, and they are his companions. Davecat went even further and created a Twitter account for each of his realist dolls.

2. Naming convention

You’ve likely been instructed to search for “Dutch women” if you’ve ever been to Japan looking for lifelike sex dolls. That’s right, they call their japanese sex doll “Dutch women” because of the Dutch sailors. Legend has it that these sailors are credited with inventing sex toys to meet their individual needs.

3. Inspiration and more

You might be surprised to learn that Barbie, your favorite doll, may have been based on a thick sex doll. The story goes back to 1950s Germany, when a custom sex doll that was based on a German actress was made. Image Lilli was apparently made for men. Although she doesn’t have any genitals, it’s clear that she is quite erotic. This word was either the inspiration or the reason for the creation of Barbie doll. Crazy?

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